I believe, it is always better to make an informed choice in life than taking unnecessary risks when not required. What do you think? Well, if you agree with me then, it is time to keep yourself updated with the latest news and content about all your interests and become well informed.

FosterGem is an awesome contextual platform that will help you in this endeavour to stay informed. It allows every user to choose interest groups of their choice at the time of signup and delivers all the related content on a single page. This selection of interest groups can later on be modified to suit your interests better. The best part is the various content delivered to you will be devoid of any noise which is perpetually present in all the social media platforms. So you can now discover quality content without the interference of all the noise in the social media platforms.

The “From Friends” feature of FosterGem allows you to stay informed about the news and interesting articles that your friends are reading and sharing on the internet. This can in turn be shared with anyone and everyone on your friends list with the click of a button.

If you are an individual who likes to stay informed mainly about the news or content concerning your neighbourhood then, FosterGem’sLocal Updates” feature is the best fit for you. It allows you to read content that is only of your interest related to your locality, without the hassle of searching through a jumble of content from all over the world.

FosterGem’s Newsletter is another great source of information of every kind of content for all those who like to stay informed on a regular basis.

So wait no more. Signup on FosterGem today. Stay updated, Stay informed 

Be Well Informed. On All things That Interest You – At All Times.

Why FosterGem
Keeping yourself updated about the field of your interest may seem like just another extra task in an already busy schedule, but it has several important benefits. If you are well informed it will help you in every aspect of your life. You can make better decisions due to the competitive edge gained from your knowledge. This helps you in all fields of your life, whether it is a social or career related.
For example, if your interest is technology and you keep yourself updated about it, then you can confidently speak about it among your friends at a social gathering or in a meeting with your peers and superiors.
FosterGem is an awesome source for great content for all your interests. Knowledge gained through regular reading from sources like FosterGem which caters to your every interest will help you identify and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way in life .It will also help you to make any changes that are necessary in your family life, social life or your career. Regular reading will help you become an expert in your fields of interest. This will help you to help yourself as well as others.
Some of us may find it hard to read on a daily basis due to shortage of time. In such a scenario, you can save the content of your interest with the help of FosterGem and read it later, at your leisure. You can also go through FosterGem’s weekly digest for keeping yourself updated on great content.
So keep reading and keep growing :)

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FosterGem Newsletter
Establishing trust, increasing brand awareness and generating revenue/ sales from existing costumers/ users is what we seek whenever we talk about user engagement. There are many ways to achieve user engagement, but email newsletters are one of the most reliable tools for this purpose.

Email newsletters sent to customers on a regular basis is an excellent way to increase traffic to your website and promote new services or products. The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, has reported that business email will account for over 132 billion emails sent and received per day by the end of 2017. It is very difficult to reach your customers among all the noise created by so many emails received each day. We want to help you create a user engagement experience like never before through the FosterGem Newsletter.

User engagement through newsletters requires quality content that is sent to your users on a regular basis. This requires a lot of time, effort and resources. Some business are able to create content for their users on their own but most businesses have large number of customer base with whom they are not able to connect with on a regular basis, due to lack of quality content. So, we at FosterGem Newsletter, suggest articles related to your company/ business which can be sent to your users/customers to keep them engaged and updated.


  • FosterGem management software suggests quality content related to your business for your newsletter unlike any other newsletters.
  • You can choose any template that you like from our ready-made sample templates that are currently available. We are also offering customizable templates for your newsletters very soon. Through this you can design your own templates as per your liking and requirement.
  • The content can be shared by you manually or it can be scheduled to share at a particular date and time, as per requirement.
  • You can also schedule the publication of a particular kind of newsletter, like, only start-up related newsletter or education related newsletter, etc with the help of our FosterGem bot. Our bot will keep publishing content for whatever time frame you choose, for example, every 2-3 hours and so on.

So don’t waste any more time and effort to create quality content for user engagement. Signup with FosterGem newsletter and we will do it all for you!!!

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Do you prefer to read your articles and news on a big screen? Would you like to get updates on what your friends are reading while working or during a break? Wouldn’t it be great to know what’s trending in the world today from your work desk? It’s all possible with our FosterGem Web App.

What can you do on the FosterGem Web App?

Easy Signup

Signup with FosterGem Web App in one single step, using your email id or your Facebook account. In case you are using your email id to signup then just fill the details and activate the link sent to your mail id. Select the interest groups of your choice and voila! You are through. Facebook signup is simpler yet, just click on the icon “F LOGIN”.

Easier Login

Login to your FosterGem Web App account either with your email id and password or by just clicking on “F LOGIN” icon.

Stay Updated

Once you are logged in to the FosterGem Web App, you will be taken to your dashboard which will provide you access to various features like your feed on different interest groups that you have chosen, updates from your friends and also local updates. So you can stay connected and updated even at work or while using your laptop and PC in general.

Profile Access

You can easily access your profile on FosterGem Web App by clicking on your name, which appears at the top of the dashboard. In your profile page, you can keep track of whom you are following and who are your followers. It also shows all the articles that are liked by you.

Search Articles

If you are looking for articles on a particular topic which may or may not be a part of your interest group, then the search option our Web App helps you do just that. For example, you are looking for articles on “music”, then just type in music in the search tab and a list of articles will appear. Click on any of your liking and it will take you to that article page.

Trending Articles

As I mentioned in the beginning of the blog, it would be awesome to keep updated with what’s trending in the world. FosterGem Web App allows you to do just that. A selection of trending articles appears on the right side of the dashboard at all times. So now you can constantly keep up with the latest trends.

What More Can You Get with FosterGem Web App?

You can expect a lot more from us by the end of this month with our latest update of the Web App. Some of the upcoming features that would help you stay better connected and updated are:

  • Your personal daily and weekly digest
  • Advance search feature
  • Privacy options
  • Social sharing

So what are you waiting for? Signup on FosterGem Web App with your email id or Facebook account now and stay connected and updated like never before :)
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FOSTERGEM – One Stop Solution to All Your Content Related Problems

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If you want to read an article or news of your interest what do you do? Browse the web? Search through Facebook or Twitter by following the pages and content shared by those in your friends list? But these platforms are filled with content that is fraught with noise and too generic. This doesn’t serve the purpose for which we are browsing the content.

In the present world, where every day is a challenge, it is very difficult to keep ourselves updated with the latest and the most happening development in the various fields that interests us. Many a times, we miss out on important updates and news in the fields of our interest due to all the unwanted data surrounding the content available in the various social media platforms and the internet. It can be really frustrating and mind-boggling, when the content available to you is not tailor-made to suit your specific interests and likings. This is the direction, where the future of content discovery is headed.

How Does FosterGem Offer A One Stop Solution?

In FosterGem, you can follow any of your interest and we will deliver quality content on the same. You can read articles that your friends are reading, minus all the noise and also share the same with your friends and people with similar interests.

We, at FosterGem, are building a discovery engine that not only understands what you want, but also delivers it to you before you start searching for it specifically. We have, in total, 26 interest groups as of now. We will soon be launching 50 interest groups which cater to a broad category of interests and around 20 subcategories in each of these 50 categories. Each of these subcategories, in turn, has millions of keywords generated by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

At the time of sign up, we ask you to choose the categories and subcategories of your choice and interest. This helps us to deliver, only those content, that is of interest to you.
Next, on the basis of what you are reading, bookmarking, up voting and storing to read later, we determine the subcategory of the content which interests you in the various categories you had chosen. We are, thus, able to provide you feed of only those contents that interest you.


For example, if you are interested in the category “Startups and Entrepreneurship” then your feed will list all the articles related to this category of interest group that has been published on that particular day as well as the previous days. The subcategory in this can be marketing, finance and so on, based on your interests, up-votes and bookmarks.

As mentioned before, most of the people discover contents through social media which is too noisy and generic. FosterGem cuts down the noise and brings the best content for you. Presently, people use Nuzzel for this purpose but they focus only on news.

On other content discovery platforms and apps you will have to follow keywords individually which can be very tiresome and overwhelming. To solve this issue, we have created the 50 interest groups which in turn will have 20 subcategories each and millions of keywords in each of those subcategories.

Thus, in our FosterGem, you need not enter all the keywords manually. For example, if you are interested in cricket, then there is no need to search for all the articles related to cricket manually. You just have to select the interest group “Sports” and on the basis of your up-votes and bookmarks, we determine the subcategories that you are interested in such as cricket. You can also customize your sports related feed by following only the “cricket” subcategory. Hence, if you have subscribed to only “cricket” as subcategory then you will receive feed related mainly to cricket and not any other sports.

The idea, though not unique, answers a very old problem of delivering quality content and we believe FosterGem is the best solution out there.

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Alpha version of web app is live now

We have released the alpha version of web app.

Here is what you can do on web app:

1. You can signup using Facebook or your email

2. You can login to your account using your email or through Facebook login.

3. You can access your feed, interest feeds, updates from friends and local updates.

4. You can access your profile.

5. you can search articles

6. You can view trending articles on FosterGem.

Alpha release of web app

Here are some of the features that you can expect in next release :

1. Your personal daily and weekly digest

2. Advance search feature

3. Privacy options

4. Social sharing

SIgnup Now on FosterGem

FosterGem Dev Team

FosterGem a Socialzed Content Discovery Platform

There are certain things that have impacted our society as subtle and evolved as quickly as the Internet. Certainly, within the Internet, one of the biggest and most important changes has been the way we find content.

What is Content Discovery Platform?

Content Discovery platform is a medium which reduces the time spent searching for relevant content. It discovers the data of your interest from all the clutters of internet and displays at one place.

What is FosterGem?

FosterGem is a Socialized Content Discovery Platform which aggregates
all content through a unified content management platform. Rather than
having to login separately to individual content sources, FosterGem
content discovery app provides users a single point of access via desktop
or mobile, using internet access. User can Share Contents on Social Media like Facebook And twitter and also they can save offline to read later, find what your friends and buddies are reading and finding useful contents they shared on social media. FosterGem connects you to other people having similar interests by adapting to the content you read, and the actions you take. Users are acquainted with news, updates and events of their interest from their locality on FosterGem Local Updates, this feature collects contents categorically from their locality and puts out feeds of interest.